​​ENVY's mission is to create and maintain a professional Hip Hop dance company in the Inland Empire of Southern California. ENVY is committed to expanding the audience's understanding of Hip Hop culture, and promoting its positive aspects. Through its high-energy, exceptional performances, ENVY strives to bring together people of all backgrounds, ethnicities, ages and walks of life, uniting the community for shared evenings of fun and pure entertainment.


​​Brandon J founded ENVY Dance Company in 2007 to provide young, enthusiastic dancers with the opportunity to showcase their talents through a positive and professional venue. ENVY's full-length concerts present the dancers as the focal point of the art form, contrasting with the more common industry practice of relegating Hip Hop dancers to supporting roles.

Brandon trains his company members in a dance form that originated in his hometown of Miami, now known as the Miami Movement. Beginning in the late 80s and early 90s, DJs created block parties, or "jams" in Miami, by setting up their equipment in different neighborhoods, mixing together a variety of beats, and sampling songs from R&B artists such as Barry White, Stephanie Mills, and LTD. By speeding up the tempo and MCing and freestyling over the records, the Miami DJs added their own flavor to each track. This new genre of music in Miami inspired a new genre of dance, the Miami Movement, a derivative of Afro-Cuban dance. Led by Brandon J, ENVY Dance Company was the first group to introduce this dance form to the west coast.

​​ENVY Dance Company is also dedicated to using Hip Hop to reach out to youth, to show them that they have options in life, and to inspire them to make the right choices. E2, ENVY's youth group, provides young dancers with the opportunity to become involved with the organization, receive intensive training, and perform alongside the company members. ENVY also reaches out to arts programs in the public schools and teaches local youth about Hip Hop dance. Citrus, Montera and El Camino Elementary Schools and Serrano Middle School have participated in this outreach effort.

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